1.) Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is an expert author and talk radio show host who discusses budgets, personal finances, and responsible financial practices. Dave Ramsey can be heard daily on his talk radio program, “The Dave Ramsey Show,” which takes live callers with financial questions. He has written several books he discusses on his show including, “The Total Money Makeover.” Dave Ramsey inspires and educates people across the nation through his teaching program, “Financial Peace University.” These classes are held across the nation at various venues and times throughout the year. Dave Ramsey’s personal finance plans are largely focused on budgeting, debt reduction, and giving





2.) The book “Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki”

This powerful memoir is the best selling personal finance book of all time! It was featured on the New York Times Bestseller List for six long years! This is an innovative and through provoking book that details the psychological attitudes toward finances. The book compares author Robert Kiyosaki’s father against a friend’s father. The two fathers behaved and thought differently about money, which overall affected the financial fitness of each man. This is a fascinating true life picture of how mindset affects wealth. Robert Kiyosaki is a wonderful author and teacher of personal finance strategies. He has written several other recommended titles.





3.) Myfico.com (most accurate credit report)

Myfico.com boasts the most accurate up to date credit reports and FICO scores. In addition to providing you this crucial information about your credit reports and scores, it also offers services to help monitor your credit and repair your credit. There are many articles, web pages, and tools to help consumers learn to responsibly manage, repair, and build credit. It also offers advice, tips, and planning for achieving financial and credit goals. Myfico.com allows you to connect to a community of experts and users. Together users can exchange information and advice about specific topics and situations.



4.) Ally.com (best online savings account)

Ally.com is a multifunctional online banking experience that offers an innovative alternative online banking experience. The online banking features provide a smart experience for banking and an alternative to typical brick and mortar institutions Ally’s lean business model eliminates physical branches, allowing for reduced costs and better performance. The efficiency allows Ally to offer competitive features and rates for savings and interest bearing accounts. In addition to banking, Ally Auto offers loans and refinancing options. Ally also is highly involved in business financing. Many corporate loans are written by Ally Bank Capital. Ally’s business model focuses on customer service. Ally is constantly improving and updating their features and software to better meet the needs of customers.